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Looking for a Trustworthy, Experienced Military/RCMP Relocation Expert?

In coming to Elysia Allen Homes, you have arrived at the right place!

You have just received breaking news: a “posting message” informing you of your imminent move to Vancouver Island.

Breaking news. Big news. It is never easy to pick up and relocate for a house hunting trip (HHT). There are many logistical parts to a quality relocation and many questions to answer:

  • What neighbourhoods are safe?
  • Which schools are good?
  • What is the boundary of my post living differential (PLD) area to ensure I get my military entitlements?
  • Which professionals in the community best understand the intricacies of a military or RCMP move?

I have been in your shoes!

Prior to working in real estate, I had the privilege of being a Reg Force Resource Management Support (RMS) Clerk with the Navy, a Release Specialist, and continue part-time as a Human Resource Administrator with the Reserves at HMCS Malahat. My main mission is to inform, educate and safely relocate my fellow members and their families across Canada.

With experience as a Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) member, I understand the pressures of military lifestyle. I have networked with the right CAF connections and collaborate with the best team of BGRS certified professionals to make your move as seamless and stress-free as possible. I am your trusted “boots on the ground” and know the importance of maximizing your HHT.

Check out my video message below on top tips to help prepare for your BGRS move and make the most of your time and effort:

Other housekeeping items to prepare for a successful HHT:

  • Ensure you have your posting message, FIN code, COS date and letter of employment stating salary and any entitlements
  • Register with BGRS on the portal to connect with your BGRS representative
  • Know your BGRS entitlements…ask questions! Know the fine print!
  • *Double check that you have a TIN # not only for yourself but for family members as well
  • Bring your proper photo ID credentials
  • Bring a file of any financial documents you might have to access (to show investments, RRSPs, car loans, personal loans, statement of contributions, pay slips with deductions, federal tax reports)
  • If selling your current home prior to your HHT, bring a copy of your accepted contract of purchase and sale
  • Have your mortgage pre-approval lined up
  • Inform me of your designated HHT dates so that I can schedule and take care of you personally!

I have had the privilege of being an accredited BGRS Supplier; I have successfully relocated members and their families for many years. I look forward to taking great care of you as you embrace your next adventure here on our beautiful island on the west coast.

Being Posted Out from Vancouver Island? We need to Talk!

The time has come: you are being relocated from Vancouver Island to another British Columbia location, Canadian province or international OUTCAN posting.

This is an enormous development in your life. Fortunately, you can count on me. I am here to help.

I am trustworthy, experienced, an award-winning Realtor. In good standing on the BGRS Third Party Supplier List, successfully relocating military members is my mission. To ensure you receive proper relocation entitlements and support, you need me in your corner.

It is essential we connect and promote the selling of your home with world class marketing and extensive network channels.

You can count on me and my trusted referral network to take excellent care of you wherever you go.

When you are dealing with an approved BGRS Realtor, like me, you will come to fully understand what military/RCMP relocation benefits you are entitled to, benefits other realtors may not know. Let us work together to make the most of the resources you are entitled to, to ensure money remains in your pocket, that it is not spent on unnecessary Realtor fees.  

Reach out to me today to discuss your relocation needs. Together, we can best navigate the intricacies of your military move!

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